Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions
We create your solution.


Every single solution we design can be adjusted to your proper needs.

From your company’s site, your e-shop, the CRM that you use or even the customized applications that you choose, we analyze all the date and we are proposing the most adequate solution.

Pre-Sales department has faced hundreds of challenges and has successfully coped with.

Contact us in order to design together the solution that you need.

Custom Solutions by Adplus:

  • Personalized Pre-Sales.
  • Experience in designing solutions
  • Fast planning and implementation
  • Upgradeable
  • Security
  • Adplus Support

Choose on of the following technologies:

ADPLUS WordPress Hosting


  • Greek Datacenters for SEO
  • Instant 1 Click Activation
  • Fast with Adplus WP cache
  • Safe with autoupdates
  • On Cloud infrastracture
  • Nightly back ups
  • Specialized Wordpress Staff
  • Latest PHP και MySQL
Cloud VPS


  • SSD caching
  • X2 Hard Disk speed*
  • Adplus Cloud Storage
  • Root Access
  • Ready in 30 seconds
  • Instant resource augmentation
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Cloud VPS
ADPLUS Cloud Servers


  • Dedicated RAM
  • Pure Datacenter Class SSD
  • X10 Hard Disk speed*
  • X2 hard disk space*
  • X2 Max RAM*
  • Root Access
  • Adjustable resources
  • Adplus Support
Cloud Servers
ADPLUS Load Balanced Cloud Servers

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  • Low cost solution
  • Tailor made Solution
  • Adjustable infrastructure
  • Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage**
  • More RAM*
  • Increased speed*
  • Higher security level*
  • Cloud firewall
  • Maximum uptime up to 100%
  • Reboot-less upgrade
  • Adplus Support
Load Balanced Cloud Servers
ADPLUS Dedicated Servers

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  • Ready to Run
  • Branded hardware
  • Increased uptime
  • Enterprise class hard disks
  • Fast RAM with ECC
  • Hardware raid controller
  • Fast delivery
  • Root access
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Dedicated Servers
ADPLUS Dedicated Solutions

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  • Tailor made Solution
  • Vast choice of hardware and software according to your needs
  • Adjustable infrastructure
  • In-house or outsourcing hosting
  • Training
  • Monitoring, Management
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Dedicated Solutions
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