Crm Sites
CRM Sites
Cut off expenses and speed up your CRM Site

CRM SitesCRM Sites

Break through the narrow confines of your internal network. Reduce the cost of acquisition and maintenance of equipment. Host your CRM at Adplus and get access from all over the world. Quickly and with safety.

Contact us in order to design the most appropriate solution for your company.

CRM Sites service provides the following advantages compared to the buy and installation of hardware to your company:

  • CRM/ERP Web Sites
  • Low cost of entry compared
    with the in-house solutions
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared
    with the in-house solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Upgradeable
  • Specialized technical staff
  • Security
  • Adplus Support

Choose on of the following technologies:

ADPLUS WordPress Hosting


  • Greek Datacenters for SEO
  • Instant 1 Click Activation
  • Fast with Adplus WP cache
  • Safe with autoupdates
  • On Cloud infrastracture
  • Nightly back ups
  • Specialized Wordpress Staff
  • Latest PHP και MySQL
Cloud VPS


  • SSD caching
  • X2 Hard Disk speed*
  • Adplus Cloud Storage
  • Root Access
  • Ready in 30 seconds
  • Instant resource augmentation
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Cloud VPS
ADPLUS Cloud Servers


  • Dedicated RAM
  • Pure Datacenter Class SSD
  • X10 Hard Disk speed*
  • X2 hard disk space*
  • X2 Max RAM*
  • Root Access
  • Adjustable resources
  • Adplus Support
Cloud Servers
ADPLUS Load Balanced Cloud Servers

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  • Low cost solution
  • Tailor made Solution
  • Adjustable infrastructure
  • Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage**
  • More RAM*
  • Increased speed*
  • Higher security level*
  • Cloud firewall
  • Maximum uptime up to 100%
  • Reboot-less upgrade
  • Adplus Support
Load Balanced Cloud Servers
ADPLUS Dedicated Servers

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  • Ready to Run
  • Branded hardware
  • Increased uptime
  • Enterprise class hard disks
  • Fast RAM with ECC
  • Hardware raid controller
  • Fast delivery
  • Root access
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Dedicated Servers
ADPLUS Dedicated Solutions

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  • Tailor made Solution
  • Vast choice of hardware and software according to your needs
  • Adjustable infrastructure
  • In-house or outsourcing hosting
  • Training
  • Monitoring, Management
  • Security
  • Adplus Support
Dedicated Solutions
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