Cloud VPS
Cloud VPS
Cheap and reliable Cloud VPS Hosting in Greece on own servers


What are Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS are Virtual Servers based on Cloud Storage technology.
They have almost all the features of Cloud Servers but fewer resources.

However, they are the ideal way to start because they have:

  • Low Cost
    Their cost is the lowest possible without having to become impaired in quality. They can be used for projects without great demands but in need of uptime and stability.
  • SSD Caching
    Using Datacenter Class SSDs, lead our servers to much greater speeds than using SAS or SATA hard discs in equal infrastructure.
  • Green Service
    The power consumption per VM is significantly less than that of traditional Dedicated Services. With consumption that starts at just 11W/VM, energy savings can reach up to 90%.
  • Adplus Cloud Storage
    We used intelligent algorithms and created Adplus Cloud Storage. This way we dropped the cost and increase the availability and speed of Cloud VPS.
  • Root access
    You want to have full control? You have it. You can install, configure and manage the service as you want.
  • Instant Activation
    Within 10 minutes the service is ready for use. Everything is pre-installed by us. You simply "upload" your data.
  • Instant resources augmentation
    Need immediate additional resources? No problem. You can order online and your request will be satisfied instantly.
  • Upgraded uptime
    Contrary to the shared Hosting operation, where all Web Sites are under the same Web Server and each site can “throw” the other, Cloud VPShave their own operating system and hence their own Control Panel and settings. So if another site on the same Hardware Node try to consume all resources will be automatically limited to the resources allocated to it. Your service will not be affected and will continue its unhindered operation.
  • Security
    The service is delivered with all the security settings ready.
  • Adplus Support
    For over 14 years we are beside you, every day of the year. Without complicated selections within 30 seconds a support engineer will answer and will take care of your problem.
    So simple!

How Cloud VPS work?

Their basic feature is the Adplus Cloud Storage where all the Cloud VPS have their files.

These files are copied to separate hard drives in real time in Cloud Storage and as a result they are always available to all the Hardware Nodes.

In case that Hardware Node collapses another serves automatically the Cloud VPS.

The Adplus Cloud VPS are based on multiple Hardware Nodes per team, so even if two different Hardware Nodes collapse, the Cloud VPS remain available.

Cloud VPS
Cloud VPS
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