Cloud VPS Management
Cloud VPS Management
Let us manage your Cloud Virtual Server and relax.

Cloud VPS ManagementDETAILS

What is the “Cloud VPS Management” service?

Cloud VPS Management is a service that helps you to focus on running your business without the need for specialized technical support staff.

Our technical staff will guarantee the proper function of your Cloud VPS.

The service includes/provides:

Service / Support
  • High support priority
    Cloud VPS Management Service has increased priority to service compared to the basic services.
  • Personal Account Manager
    There is always next to you, your personal account manager who knows your services and your needs and can give an expert advice of your existing services for a new service or make an offer you want to give to a customer.

Service Design
  • Consultancy Services
    We offer Pre-Sales services for you and your clients.
  • Solution Design
    We design the appropriate solution together according to your needs.
  • Security Design
    We design and propose the most appropriate security level.
  • Downtime minimization design.
    Design and decide together the way and the time of transfer of your Cloud VPS or your application in order to minimize the downtime.

Transfer from different carrier
  • Compatibility of the Operating System
    We check the compatibility of the operating system that we propose in order to continue your unhindered operation from your Cloud VPS.
  • Compatibility of the Control Panel
    We check the compatibility of the control panel that we propose in order to transfer all the appropriate parameters.
  • File transfer
    We transfer all the files you need from your old carrier.
  • Service compatibility
    We check the compatibility of the whole service before being "online".
  • System Optimization
    We optimize all the needed parameters of your operating system and services according to your needs.

  • Regular updates of your operating system
    We regularly update your operating system in order to be always safe and fast.
  • Regular Control Panel updates
    We regularly update your control panel in order to be always safe and fast.

  • Regular check for rootkits, malware, virus, spams...
    We are always checking for electronic threats like rootkits, malware, virus, spams.
  • Managed Security monitoring
    If we detect a problem, we act without requiring your intervention.
  • Installation of Security Patches to your operating system
    We install all the urgent security patches except those installed during the regular maintenance.
  • Installation of Security Patches to your Control Panel
    Installation of Security Patches to the Cloud VPS (on demand)

  • Operating System Monitoring (load, RAM, Swap, HD)
    We monitor a variety of parameters in order to know whether the operating system is in good condition and serves with the appropriate speed.
  • Service Monitoring (DNS, FTP, HTTP, PING, POP, SMTP)
    We monitor your services to know whether they respond rapidly to the requests they receive.
  • Managed Monitoring
    We monitor the services and act in case of problems directly, without needing your input.
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