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Which hardware we use for our Cloud Servers ?

In Adplus we always use, hardware with enterprise class components.Our belief is that you cannot sacrifice the quality through cut cost actions to hardware but through a smart designed infrastructure.

  • CPU
    An important part of the hardware is the processor power. We have placed hardware nodes with a total processing power of more than 150GHz each.
  • RAM
    The adequacy and speed of RAM is another decisive factor. We use ECC DIMM at 1600 MHz in a redundant topology to minimize the likelihood of problems of multi bit errors.
  • Enterprise Cloud Storage
    The Enterprise Cloud Storage consists of dozens hard drives with SAS 15K and SSD Enterprise Class, with total IOPS of more than 100000 units per storage. Compared to Cloud Storage, the IOPS speed per Cloud VPS is doubled.
  • Interconnection
    Hardware Nodes are interconnected by a 20G network, to prevent the possibility of a bottleneck in the network.
  • Redundancy
    We have checked the infrastructure of Cloud Servers that there is no single point of failure. From the Internet connection to the Enterprise Cloud Storage, the storage of data, the power supply and we guarantee that all the components are able to remain in operation after the fall of one of these.
  • Spare Parts
    For each Hardware Node, Storage and networking equipment, we have spare parts that we can replace, immediately.
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