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Cloud Servers
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Cloud VPS
Cloud Servers
Money saving
The cost is less than the Cloud Servers but performance is lower also.
Reasonable cost for high end performance.
Satisfactory for most uses.
X2 and more processing power, RAM and hard drives.
CPU Power
The processing power is limited but sufficient for most Web Hosting cases.
X2 processing power compared with our Cloud VPS that can run the most demanding applications and high-traffic site.
RAM is sufficient for most Web Hosting cases.
RΑΜ is dedicated for every Virtual Machine and is more than enough for demanding environments.
Speed at hard drive (IOPS)
The speed of the hard disk of a Cloud VPS is powered by Datacenter Class SSDs. Thus the performance is dramatically increased compared to conventional topologies.
X2 speed relative to the speed of a Cloud VPS.
Cloud Storage Technology
The files stored in Cloud Storage are available from all Hardware Nodes. In the case of Hardware Node "failure", another HN serve the virtual machines. Available resources are sufficient for most Web Hosting cases but not for demanding environments.
Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage. Each Virtual Machine has more resources and can be used by the most demanding environments.
Operating Systems
Can be installed the most popular distributions of Linux and Windows
Can be installed almost all the existing operating systems.
Cloud Servers
Dedicated Servers
Cost saving
Pay as You Go. There is no need to order a huge machine in case you need it. Just start from the existing needs and if they exceed later you can upgrade your infrastructure.
You are obliged to order a bigger machine from the very beginning. If the machine is smaller than your future needs then the data should be transferred and that of course means downtime.
Cloud Storage Technology
The infrastructure is based on Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage. Dropped a Hardware Node another undertakes to serve the Virtual Machines.
The files are stored on hard disks on the Dedicated server. In case of a problem you should perform a data restore. This procedure lasts several hours and the data can be turned back from several hours to several days.
Points of Failure
The Hardware used can “survive” through one or more power failures in RAM, CPU, HDs ... And moreover even if the whole Hardware Node “fails” another will take over the Virtual Machines.
In most cases, a loss is likely to "drop" the machine. Most Dedicated Servers have a single power supply and a single CPU and Software Raid.
Hardware is common for many Virtual Machines, but we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that each one VM does not cause a problem to another VM.
The Hardware function is dedicated only to the Dedicated Server.
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