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Custom solution for maximum security and flexibility.

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What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is an infrastructure consisting of owned or leased hardware (Dedicated Server, Storage, Switches, Firewall) and serves only your own needs.

The planning is done by our team according to your needs. Our experience in production environments enables us to make the right choices and the outcome is efficient even at full performance.

We provide:

  • Choice of hardware, software depending on your needs.
    For more than 14 years we choose, watch, install, maintain and manage our equipment. This is the experience we use when we select your own equipment.
  • Scalable infrastructure
    The Private Cloud always is designed so that it can be extended to follow the development of your company. This is the only way to achieve real cost savings.
  • Hosted to your establishment or ours
    We are not restricted by the location of the Private Cloud. Wherever in the world we can accomplish the installation. Whether you choose us or your private datacenter, or a datacenter abroad, we can undertake the whole process to be delivered to you ready for use.
  • Training
    We can train your employees in operations, maintenance and management of the Private Cloud.
  • Uptime up to 100%
    We design the solution so as to continue to operate even when a hardware node is off. The same procedure we apply to the storage by dispelling the "single point of failure".
  • Installation of management and pricing software
    If you want we can connect management and billing programs of your services that will build upon the Private Cloud. In essence we can automate the whole process. You just get on with your orders.
  • Monitoring, Management
    24 Hours per day we are watching through multipoint basis the infrastructure. Where necessary, our experienced support engineers mobilized immediately and perform the necessary actions.
  • Adplus Support
    For over 14 years we are beside you, every day of the year. No complicated options within 30 seconds a technician will answer and will look after your problem.
    The simplest that it gets!

How does the Private Cloud work?

A basic design is 2 and above Hardware Nodes connected to a storage.

The Virtual Machines can be moved from one HN to another and so we can maintain or upgrade each HN without missing the services operation.

As almost all of our services, so the Private Cloud is designed according to your needs and we choose the appropriate topology.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud
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