Load Balanced Cloud Servers
Increased uptime for performance for demanding projects.

Load Balanced Cloud ServersDETAILS

What are Load Balanced Cloud Servers?

Οι Load Balanced Cloud Servers are an ensemble of Virtual Machines that communicate through an Isolated Cloud Network.

Οι Load Balanced Cloud Servers have the following characteristics:

  • Low Cost
    Although the result is comparable to the traditional Load Balanced infrastructure the costs are much lower because they do not incur additional charges for renting space and physical machines, switches and firewall. Additionally you only pay for Virtual Machines that use.
  • Personalized solution design
    Each solution is designed by our experienced engineers exclusively for you.
    This results in the use of the best technologies and the best economic result.
  • Adjustable infrastructure
    You can start from a basic infrastructure and then add or remove Virtual Machines, depending on your needs.
  • Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage
    Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage consists only of SAS and SSD, Enterprise Class, Hard Disks, in order to be able to provide consistently high speeds.
  • More RAM
    The total RAM that can have such a solution is the sum of RAM you have in all the Virtual Machines which constitute it. Theoretically, the maximum RAM is unlimited.
  • Greater Speed
    And at CPU level the total of CPU that all the Virtual Machines have, is theoretically unlimited.
  • Higher security level
    The service is delivered with all the security settings ready. Additionally you can add another level of security the Cloud Firewall.
  • Cloud Firewall
    With Cloud Firewall service we increase the security in your Cloud Servers. All data traffic to and from your Cloud Servers pass exclusively through Cloud Firewall and are checked for attacks.
  • Maximum Uptime
    In this solution we loose tha service only if all the Virtual Machines fail. We guarantee that the VMs are placed in different hardware so to achive the lowest uptime possible.
  • Reboot-less upgrade
    Regular software upgrades of Hardware Nodes help to increase the safety and stability of the system but also cause downtime. With "Reboot-less Upgrade" you can footloose this downtime.
  • Adplus Support
    For over 14 years we are beside you, every day of the year. No complicated options within 30 seconds a technician will answer and will look after your problem.
    The simplest that it gets!

How the Load Balanced Cloud Servers?

Installation is done according to the needs of the project and may be on 3 or more Virtual Machines. The Virtual Machines share equally the available Hardware Nodes and so there is always processing power and availability of the service running. If we need we can add in a few minutes one or more Virtual Machines that the service can meet any immediate demand arise.

ΣIn the chart below we have designed a tentative proposal for a Site with increased demands.
Each installation is customized so do not hesitate to call us and we will give you the right solution for your project.

Load Balanced Cloud Servers
Load Balanced Cloud Servers
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