Load Balanced Cloud Servers
Increased uptime for performance for demanding projects.

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Load Balanced Cloud Servers
Cloud Servers
CPU Power
The total processing power is theoretically unlimited because it can combine many Virtual Machines from different Hardware Nodes and can "handle" even the most demanding applications and even high-traffic sites.
The processing power is great and able to "handle" big sites.
The total RAM is the sum of RAM of all the Virtual Machines and theoretically is unlimited.
The total RAM can reach quite a large level, almost equal to that of a dedicated server.
Cloud Storage Technology
Each Virtual Machine has separate access to Cloud Storage and the total of IOPS is proportional to the number of Virtual Machines.
Virtual Machine has enough speed on Cloud Storage and is able to support several databases.
We add an additional Virtual Machine that is the gateway infrastructure to the Internet. So you can have a personalized Firewall, IDS / IPS system. An extra level of security for your project that can handle the connections you need.
The Virtual Machines are delivered ready with their own Firewall pre-installed so you can make the changes you need, depending on the sites or applications that you use.
Load Balanced Cloud Servers
Load Balanced Dedicated Servers
Cost Saving
Pay as You Go. There is no need to order all the Virtual Machines in case you need them. Within minutes you can add one or more, increasing the overall strength of your infrastructure. In case that any Virtual Machine “falls” another Hardware Node will commit to serve.
You need to order nearly the entire infrastructure from the start. If the final number of servers surpasses the original, you should engage and be charged from the first day for the extra space. Additionally you need to have additional Dedicated Servers “on hold” for the case a "fall".
Cloud StorageTechnology
The infrastructure is based on Adplus Enterprise Cloud Storage. In case that a Hardware Node fails, another undertakes to serve the Virtual Machines. In this way, all the machines of your infrastructure are always "Up", so even if your site asks you the 100% of the machines in a given moment you can use it.
The files are stored on hard disks of the Dedicated server. If a problem occurs the specific dedicated server should stay down until to be restored or repaired. If there is no other pending this can create a significant downtime that can last from several minutes to several hours.
Points of Failure
The Hardware used can last one or more power failures in the RAM, CPU, HDs ... And moreover even if the whole Hardware Node "falls" another will take over the Virtual Machines.
In most cases, a loss is likely to "shut down" one of the servers of the infrastructure. If we do not have made a provision of extra servers it will cost in downtime. Most Dedicated Servers have a power supply and a CPU Software Raid to keep costs low.
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