Why Us
Why Us
Because we work hard as we are passionated with our job.
Why Us


Why do we have been entrusted by our partners?

Because we offer-provide:
  • Web Hosting in Greece
    We do not have just our call center in Greece but throughout our whole infrastructure. We cooperate with the largest Datacenters in the region and there, our own engineers install equipment for the services we provide.
  • Friendly and valid support
    We have created the service from the beginning and we possess deep knowledge of its functionality. In our call center your questions are answered by skilled computer engineers that have solved thousands of problems.
  • Responsibility
    We are to answer to your questions and solve any inconvenience in the most friendly, polite and direct way. We take our responsibility if we are wrong and we are always here to listen to your complaints.
  • Respect and Cooperation
    We know how hard it is created clientele and how easily lost. We deeply respect our collaborations and stay transparent as to your customers. We are offering though the highest quality of support to you in order to fulfill your own commitments.
  • 14+ years of experience
    Our great experience gives us the boost to help you instantly with any problem and we guarantee your "online" presence.
  • Branded hardware at the cutting edge of technology
    From the very early years, we realized that our services couldn’t be qualitative if not based on branded machines. We ignore the cost of buying and we are always supplying the best and the most suitable equipment.
  • Money back guarantee
    Although we are confident in our successful cooperation we enable you to leave any time you want. We will give you all the codes and the needed knowhow to transfer your service to another company.
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