About Us
About Us
Since 2000 offering Web Hosting Services for Professionals.
About Us


Adplus was founded in 2000 as a Web Development and Hosting Provider. Soon after the beginning we decided to focus only to the Web Hosting sector and that is the beginning of our successful story.

Our dedication to quality service, our obsession to work with the best Datacenters, to use branded hardware and the friendly and fast support prompted the development of Adplus.

In the next years we have created dozens of new services and worked with the biggest companies in hardware and software sections.

The parallel development of managed services and the fast resolution of the problems made Adplus a real trustworthy partner.

We have started the In-House Development department where we constantly improve the online shop and management experience of our services.

We serve our partners every day with the same passion as the first day, but with more experience and greater speed.

Today we have created one of the most modern Cloud infrastructures based on the top branded hardware with enterprise class components and impeccable cost / quality ratio.

Our goal is to keep on our “successful recipe” to continue developing products at the leading edge and keep our friendly face as we grow.

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